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World MMA Champion Georges St-Pierre’s RUSHFIT Ultimate Home Fitness Workout Program is an 8-week training camp designed to build muscle, cut weight, and get you in shape. Here at the GSP RUSHFIT blog we will be posting training and nutrition tips and articles along with RUSHFIT success stories. Make sure you email your questions and comments to blog@gsprushfit.com, and join our community on Facebook¬†and Twitter!



RUSHFIT Ultra: The Final Few Weeks

For anyone who started the GSP Rushfit 8 Week Training Camp in January, you’re probably entering the last few weeks and staring at the end of your training calendar. With 2 to 3 weeks to go, now is a great … Continue reading

Power Snacks: Nuts and Seeds

Your powerful results with GSP Rushfit depend on a healthy, balanced diet as equally as they are the result of training at a higher intensity than ever before. With the reality of busy schedules, not everyone has the time to … Continue reading

The DASH Diet – A New Diet Breakdown

With each new year, another diet appears on the horizon that excites workout warriors and bandwagon health experts alike. As always, it’s best to examine the evidence and science behind each nutrition approach to decipher the legitimate diets and their … Continue reading