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World MMA Champion Georges St-Pierre’s RUSHFIT Ultimate Home Fitness Workout Program is an 8-week training camp designed to build muscle, cut weight, and get you in shape. Here at the GSP RUSHFIT blog we will be posting training and nutrition tips and articles along with RUSHFIT success stories. Make sure you email your questions and comments to blog@gsprushfit.com, and join our community on Facebook and Twitter!



Top 5 Methods to Eliminate Pesky Cravings

Maybe they strike when you’re watching television, completely relaxed and unassuming. Others strike at difficult times just when you’re about to lie down for sleep, or stuck in traffic on a hot day. What are these dreaded episodes?     … Continue reading

Why You Should NEVER Skip A Cooldown

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to revisit training elements to make sure they’re executed properly and remind ourselves exactly why we do what we do. To reach new levels of performance and redefine intensity, focus on … Continue reading

Warning Signs of Extreme Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the most common and most discussed topics in performance training and elite conditioning like the GSP Rushfit 8 Week program. Everyone knows you just have to gulp some water a bunch of times a day whenever … Continue reading