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World MMA Champion Georges St-Pierre’s RUSHFIT Ultimate Home Fitness Workout Program is an 8-week training camp designed to build muscle, cut weight, and get you in shape. Here at the GSP RUSHFIT blog we will be posting training and nutrition tips and articles along with RUSHFIT success stories. Make sure you email your questions and comments to blog@gsprushfit.com, and join our community on Facebook and Twitter!



Osteoarthritis and Athletes

Most degenerative conditions in the body occur in people who are older, generally referring to adults who are 50 years or more in age. Unfortunately for people of all ages some conditions can strike much sooner, and without proper care … Continue reading

5 Most Common Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies

Despite paying attention to your diet and eating a variety of food geared toward maximum performance, it’s still common for many people to have a mild vitamin or mineral deficiency. While most case aren’t serious, symptoms can still cause discomfort and … Continue reading

How To Recover After a Hangover

We’ve all been there. You train hard all week, juggle work and a busy schedule, only to let loose after “a few” drinks only to wake up the next morning feeling like there is an axe lodged in in your forehead. … Continue reading