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World MMA Champion Georges St-Pierre’s RUSHFIT Ultimate Home Fitness Workout Program is an 8-week training camp designed to build muscle, cut weight, and get you in shape. Here at the GSP RUSHFIT blog we will be posting training and nutrition tips and articles along with RUSHFIT success stories. Make sure you email your questions and comments to blog@gsprushfit.com, and join our community on Facebook and Twitter!



How to Prevent Back Injuries While Training

People who train with GSP Rushfit and love the benefits of high intensity exercises know the importance of healthy habits to physical performance. A simple injury to one small body part can throw off your workout, whereas a simple injury … Continue reading

Top 5 Ways To Boost Growth Hormone Naturally

In training and sports, competitors are always looking for the next edge to give them an advantage in results and take their performance to a higher level.   That is the reason most sports have drug testing and doping control, … Continue reading

3 Keys to Stay Healthy and Decrease Sick Time

As summer turns to fall and the flu season creeps into the picture, minor ailments are likely to impact your health. Let’s take a look at basic steps to minimize the impact of illnesses on your training schedule, so you … Continue reading